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My Kid’s Favorite Characters and My Thoughts

Doc McStuffins – Thanks for teaching my kids to bust up their toys and try and “fix” them.  I now have a teddy bear that my kid ripped open, pulled stuffing out and then mushed her glue stick all over it to close it back up.  Looks like the Doc doesn’t really know her stuff. […]

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Mom Life

All is quiet on the play place front

There are very few things that compare with the relief, nay the unbridled joy, of realizing you’ve arrived at your play destination just after everyone has bailed for lunch. You have the  whole place practically to yourself. This is your sanctuary. Your incense? The sweet nectar of chlorine bleach because thank the sweet lord baby […]

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A Day at Work as a Mom

7:30am – I hear stirring over the monitor which is my cue to start my day.  Do I have time to take a shower? No. I hear my bosses calling for me to come to their offices.  I arrive and help both bosses change into their work attire. 7:55am – Bring them both their breakfast […]

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