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If SAHP Were To Make A Salary, It Would Be $162,581.

This is according to

Feeling a little better? Yeah, me too.

Being a SAHP isn’t easy. It’s often times a thankless job. So many times I’ve thought how I wish I would get a paycheck to validate all my hardwork. Really just to see how much my work is worth.

I’m of course grateful that I get to spend so much time watching my kids grow up. As well as having a huge influence on so many aspects of their lives. I get to watch first steps, hear first words and watch milestones happen. Those moments are priceless.

The day of a SAHP is full of fun times. But it’s also a 13 -15 hour work day with no days off.

If you’re in charge of young children, you’re saving their lives multiple times in a day. You’re also experiencing the tantrums, the poopy diapers, the preparing of every meal and snack and so much more.

Then there’s the household chores.

I’m in no way knocking working parents. They work hard all day and even though they make money, they sacrifice family time. And you can’t put a price on time you spend with your kids.

I just know the feeling of being home all day with children. It can take a toll on you. There’s days you feel like you’re not noticed, not appreciated and forgotten. You play with kids, clean the house, cook dinner, do laundry, etc. You wake up each day and are often doing the same thing you did the day before.

When you see a dollar amount that says what it’s all worth, it somehow validates you. Makes you feel happy. Even if it’s not real. Even if the number isn’t 100% accurate. And even though you’ll never see a dime of that money.

It could be that I used to work and make decent money and felt like I truly contributed to our family. And now, I still work, but at a harder job and I can’t help monetarily.

Maybe it’s because there’s days that I feel like a crappy mom and just want to know what I’m doing is worth something.

I’m sure each SAHP has their own reason. I’m also sure each of us probably feels like we’re being ungrateful when we complain about it when there’s tons of people who wish they could be.

Seeing that my work could be worth up to $162k makes me want to take all my fake money and buy a unicorn. But unfortunately, I’ll never fly over a rainbow on my winged horse. But seeing any kind of number of what my work may be worth, does make me feel a little better. For now, I’ll gratefully accept all payments in the form of hugs and messy peanut butter kisses.  Then maybe I’ll consider seeking reimbursement when it comes to picking out my nursing home.


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Moms: We know you’re worth it. But how much is “it” really worth?

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