Month: January 2019


The Day My 3yo Said A Homeless Man Looked Disgusting

I love my kid. She’s awesome. I love talking about stuff with her and seeing how she feels or what she thinks about it. It’s always interesting to hear her take on stuff.   Recently, we were driving and came up to a stop light. There was a homeless man asking for money. My daughter […]

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Mom Life

If SAHP Were To Make A Salary, It Would Be $162,581.

This is according to Feeling a little better? Yeah, me too. Being a SAHP isn’t easy. It’s often times a thankless job. So many times I’ve thought how I wish I would get a paycheck to validate all my hardwork. Really just to see how much my work is worth. I’m of course grateful […]

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Kid Stories

A Day In The Life Of A 1 Year Old

*Cue the first sign of light at approximately 5:02am* IS THAT LIGHT! IT MUST BE MORNING! Well, time to wake everyone up. You know, if it wasn’t for me, they’d probably sleep the whole day. *clears throat* WAHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s been 8 seconds and no one came in yet. Something must be wrong. I […]

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