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Why is it so hard to keep clothes on my kid?

I’ve entered a new era with my 3 year old daughter. She thinks running around naked is hysterical. No, not just at home. At dance, during her Little Gym class and sometimes at other people’s homes. I’ve been successful thus far at keeping her clothed at most other public places. Although, I did see her at the park try and take her shirt off.
It all started with her being potty trained. We had to keep her au naturel at home during the process. Well, except for just the shirt. So basically the Donald Duck attire. She got the potty training thing down in just a couple days. Which was awesome. But getting her to wear clothes again has proven to be quite the challenge.
So at our house, it can sometimes feel like Mardi Gras and we should be throwing beads. We tell her to put her clothes back on and she takes off running and laughing. So we have to get up, locate her shirt, shorts and undies and then threaten a timeout before she comes back and allows us to trap her in the confines of clothing.
It’s bad enough at our house, but there’s nothing like the embarrassment you feel when you pick her up from dance class and they inform you that when she came out of the bathroom, she streaked through the facility. Now, not to stick up for her nudist behavior, but she is in a leotard that is insanely difficult to put back on. But still, at least ask for some help, kid.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a phase. Or at least I think I’ve read that it’s a phase. Dear God, please let it be one. Or hopefully if she does it now, she won’t do it in highschool or college. Ugh…I’m spiraling.
Either way, I’ll continue to apologize to her gym and dance teachers. I’ll also keep sitting her down and explaining that clothes are a necessity. So hopefully one day, it’ll set in. Until then, I’ll keep hanging my head in shame every time her teachers tell me “She did it again.”

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