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Sharing Is Caring Except When It’s Germs From That Kid With The Runny Nose

So your kid is sick. I get it. Kids aren’t big on lying in bed and resting while they’re sick. In fact, they’re pretty good about not showing any signs of being slowed down except for the string of mucus connecting their nose to their elbow.

So you probably want to get them out of the house to burn some energy, maybe get a break from them or potentially some fresh air for their bubbling nose.  

Here’s the thing. Bring them outside in your backyard or maybe for a walk around your neighborhood. But please, for the love of everything holy, don’t bring them to places where other kids are going to be.

If your kid has a nasty cough or spider web-like goo flowing from his nose, keep him away from us healthy individuals. I don’t want to see your kid sneeze liquid fireworks all over the slide. Worse, I don’t want the slide to turn into a log flume water ride for my kid when she follows after him.

I try and be considerate to others when me, or my kids are sick. I don’t bring them out into the public unless I absolutely have to. It’s not right for me to continue to spread the heebie jeebies all over the place.

But without fail, I’ve seen so many kids out and about while sick. At the kid’s gym class, where boys and girls are rolling all over mats and hanging on bars, there’s usually one child coughing all over things.  Or at the library, where I’ve seen kids wiping their runny noses on there hands and then flipping through books.

No one likes when their kid gets sick.  But keep your little microbe away from the outside world until they’re no longer expelling fluids from their face.  Plan some indoor activities, make it a movie day, or take a walk around your neighborhood. Then pour yourself a tall glass of wine or make yourself a cocktail since alcohol kills germs.  Stay healthy and drink a couple.

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