Month: August 2018

Kid Craziness, Kid Stories

The holiest of craps

As parents, life is full of little “holy crap” moments. They can range from the good like “holy crap, did you see him take his first steps?!” to the bad like “holy crap, what did you just put in your mouth?” to the literal like “holy crap, what did this kid eat?” Occasionally, there is […]

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Mom Rant

Sharing Is Caring Except When It’s Germs From That Kid With The Runny Nose

So your kid is sick. I get it. Kids aren’t big on lying in bed and resting while they’re sick. In fact, they’re pretty good about not showing any signs of being slowed down except for the string of mucus connecting their nose to their elbow. So you probably want to get them out of […]

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