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My 3yo and her many, MANY questions about her baby brother.

I have a 3 year old named Lexi who became a new big sister 7 months ago.  In preparation to having the new baby, we bought books about becoming a big sister and tried to tell her how life was going to change.  We had no idea how many questions were going to follow though.

So the first time she met Tyson, she didn’t ask anything just kinda watched him. But the next day, that’s when all the curiosity started.

“Why does he drink milk?”

“Why does he cry all the time?”

“Why did he throw up on you?”

“Why doesn’t he use the potty?”

Then the big one…

“What’s that?” As I’m sure you figured it, she was witnessing a diaper change.  I’ve always wanted to be up front with my kids. So I told her.

“It’s his penis.  That’s how he pees.  The same way you pee from your genie” (That’s as close to the scientific term as we could get her to say).  

“It looks weird, mommy.”  

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that one, so I just changed the subject and hoped she wouldn’t ask again.  And it worked. That conversation was going to require some pregame drinking to handle.

Not long after that she was helping me give him a bath.  As I was learning as a new mom to a boy, boys will pee anytime, anywhere and on anyone.  So naturally as I put him in the baby tub, he started peeing everywhere. Including on me.  My daughter was lucky and, although she almost fell off the chair trying to get away, managed to hightail it into the other room in disgust.

After i told her the coast was clear, she slowly came back in to help me.  “Mommy, why did he pee on you?” she asked. “The warm water made him have to go.  Since he’s a baby, he doesn’t know how to hold it like you do.” I replied. “Eww, he’s so gross!  That’s disgusting baby bro.” she said scowling.

I wasn’t about to argue with her.  And I most certainly wasn’t going to start explaining that boys tend to be kinda gross for many years to come.  But she’ll figure that out soon enough.

Now, If you’re a parent to a toddler, you know how they ask a million questions. In the beginning, it’s cute.  And when they ask them, you’re usually happy to answer them. But when they start asking you “why” after every answer you give them, you start looking for candy in your purse to shut them up or turn Daniel Tiger on to distract them.

“Why doesn’t he have any teeth?”  

“Why does he drool all over?”

“Why do we have to be quiet if he’s sleeping?”

“Why do I have to wear pants, if baby bro doesn’t have to wear any?”

So after 7 months, I’m still answering an infinite amount of questions about him like I was being interrogated by the FBI.   So do I see light at the end of the tunnel, yet? No. My tunnel appears endless and is completely devoid of light. But I guess I signed up for this when I chose to be a mom.  Thing is, I didn’t read the fine print.

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3 years ago

The fine print always comes back to bite us in the ass.

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