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Why Having Friend Who Also Has a Newborn is Priceless.

It’s 2am.  Your baby for some reason won’t sleep and you’re going out of your mind.  Your husband is asleep and you don’t want to wake him but you really need to vent.  

“Who ya gonna call?”

Yep, you’re lucky enough to have a friend who just recently had a kid too.  And you both agreed to be willing to receive and send text messages at any time, day or night.  So you shoot off a text. “I’m going insane over here. Baby Johnny won’t sleep.”

You’ve heard your text chime notification many times before.  But this time it’s as if angels themselves sang the harmonious notes.  You’re friend is there to offer you some words of peace.

“Is it too late to open a bottle of wine?”

You laugh to yourself and feel some of the stress melt away.  This is why having another mom going through the same trials and tribulations as you is priceless.

Whether it’s sitting at a playground, having a play date at your house or just texting back and forth, it’s so important to have someone to vent and laugh with.  Not to mention the benefit of all the advice you could give each other. Plus, you can share a bottle of wine together instead of drinking it solo like a lush.

You can also trade bins of toys, baby clothes, share memberships to parks or museums and trade off babysitting to save each other’s sanity.  The first few months of having a baby are brutal. If you can have some support from someone else who’s going through the same mayhem as you, can make it a lot easier.  

So get out there and find your new mom soulmate.  Go listen to screaming babies, stare at the pile of dishes in the sink and sip a glass of wine with your Baby Bestie.

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3 years ago

I need a mom friend.

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