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Games My Kids Play That I Hate

  • Hide the open container of yogurt.
  • How many Goldfish can I fit in my mouth at once.
  • How many times can I sing Baby Shark before Mom freaks out.
  • If I eat this red finger paint, will it taste like strawberries.
  • How far can I get my finger in my nose.
  • Can I draw a smiley face on mommy’s truck with sidewalk chalk.
  • Can I walk down the stairs with my eyes shut.
  • Stick our head into a public trash can and have a treasure hunt.
  • Hold as much water in my mouth as possible and see if I can sing a song.
  • What flavor is this used chewing gum I found under a park bench.
  • How long can I stare at Mommy while she’s sleeping before she wakes up and screams.
  • How many dandelions can I stuff in my pants.
  • What does this Grocery Store sliding glass door taste like.
  • How fast can I run while in the glass aisle in Macy’s.
  • Trying to visit every potty, in every store, in the entire state whether I have to pee or not.
  • Can I ride a cat like a horse.
  • Hide the cheese stick down my pants and see how long it takes Mommy to find it.
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