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My “Mom Attire” is Multi-Functional

My Messy Bun – A food safety benefit.  When I prep the many meals for my family during the day, my messy bun keeps all my hair in place proving to be as efficient as a hairnet.

My Yoga Pants –  Highly effective when having to climb into playground equipment to retrieve my child or because you never know when an emergency Yoga session might pop up.

My Stained Red Hot Chili Peppers T-Shirt – This shirt has been through war.  So if my baby spits up on me, my kid hugs me with mac-n-cheese fingers and face or a bite of a sandwich I was eating with one hand gets on it, it doesn’t matter.  So it saves me on pre-treating stains and spending extra time in the laundry room.

My Nike Shoes – By wearing these, I fool people into thinking I spend all my downtime (downtime, ha!) at the gym working out.  This means, I save lots of time hearing from people how I need to take time for myself and working out makes you feel great.

No Makeup – Well, not only do I not have time to put makeup on, but it wouldn’t do me any good anyhow because it would be gone within no time.  Be it from my daughter blowing bubbles into my face from less than an inch away or holding my baby up above my head and having him drool into my face.  I end up saving money on buying makeup and I keep up the appearance of just coming from a workout.

So you see, it’s not just dressing out of comfort and lack of care that I wear what I wear every day.  It’s like a uniform. Like fatigues. Now off to war…

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Rick Shroeder
Rick Shroeder
4 years ago

I love this blog! Really nice work.

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