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Mombie:  / mam-bee /  Noun

A mother who is consumed by raising her children to the point of being sleep deprived or simply obsessed, zombie-like.


As a fellow Mombie, let me welcome you. If you’re the mom to a baby who has yet to sleep through the night, you’re in good company.  

Currently, my son likes to wake up and eat about twice a night.  Which results in me waking up each morning in a dream-like state.  

Which means I have drool on my face, one contact in, pants on backwards and trying to feed the baby with a hairbrush instead of a bottle.  

I walk around my house, reminding my daughter in a monotone voice not to stick various things down the air vents.  I pick up random socks, onesies and pajamas that are thrown around the floor. I mindlessly make lunches, snacks and bottles all while on auto-pilot.

I’ll get a boost from my Red Bulls or 5 Hour Energy shots.  But that’s more of a faster auto-pilot mode. Which is still fine with me.

Until my kid sleeps through the night and I get uninterrupted sleep, I’ll be a Mombie4Life.  I’ll wander through my days seeing my kids as talking pillows and falling asleep sitting on a playground bench while wearing sunglasses.

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