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My Child…the Champion of Marathon Eating

Trust me, my kid is worse than yours.  It’s not that she’s super picky. Although, she’s definitely that too.  It’s that she’s insanely distracted and takes longer to eat than a sloth.

I’ve tried everything.  Timers, losing privileges, throwing her food away, incentives for finishing, saying she needs to eat fast like a cheetah and not slow like a snail, TV, books, food art, me complaining about how unbelievably slow she eats at every meal we have together, etc. Nothing works.

I’ve also posted to my area mom group on FB.  Where I got some of the ideas listed above or I got some negative feedback about how she’s 3 and I should allow her to be young and not rush her through eating, blah, blah, blah.  

Truth of the matter is, she takes between 1 and 1 ½ hours to eat.  Now if she was taking down a Thanksgiving dinner, I can understand that. But we’re talking about mac-n-cheese or a chicken breast with some fruit.  30 min should be plenty of time.

But it’s now been almost 10 months of her eating like this and I’m losing my mind.  She sings songs, bangs on the table and tells stories. It’s cute, but it’s really frustrating.  

Picture this, you have to be somewhere in an hour and your daughter just started eating 3 mini waffles with syrup and a yogurt tube.  You should have plenty of time, right?

Nope.  Because in the 40 minutes she sat there, she took one bite of a mini waffle.  So on to one of the many consequences I hand out.

So please, I’m at the mercy of anyone who reads this blog.  Leave a comment and help a sister out. I’m tired of wasting food, drinking too much wine and stressing out about every meal.

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