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Fact: There Will Be Times You Go Days Without a Shower

Ah motherhood.  You made life. You cared and nurtured it, and made sure it was happy and healthy.  You’ve cleaned their little faces, wiped their little noses and changed all their dirty diapers.  Your little one is looking good.

Then there’s you.  Eesh. By the look of it, it’s been about 3 to 4 solid days of no showering.  Did something die over here? No, it’s just you. You’re covered in spit up, poop, formula, boogers and Mac-N-Cheese.  You look like you were break dancing in dirt and did a head spin in olive oil. You put a landfill to shame.

Hell, today you were eating your english muffin with avocado and dropped a piece of avocado down your shirt.  You pause for a second and do the math. Avocado isn’t sticky and you’re pretty sure you saw some new skin cream that had avocado in it.  So you leave it there.

Then on another day, you take off your bra and 2 slightly soggy goldfish crackers fall out.  Bad thing is, you don’t even remember the last time your kid ate goldfish.

Truth is, your day is filled with taking care of everyone else.  So you end up putting yourself last. By the time both kids are finally asleep, you don’t have the energy to stand in the shower and attempt to decontaminate yourself.  So you wait till “tomorrow”.

You know you could wake up an hour earlier and probably hop in the shower.  But you rarely getting enough sleep as it is and waking up before your kids is crazy talk.  Excuses you know. But when you’re not getting enough sleep it affects your day. So you realize that for everyone’s safety, it’s best to take advantage of a little extra sleep.

No one let me know prior to having kids that my personal hygiene would take a nosedive.  But I know it will get better. Once both my kids go back to good sleeping habits and turn back into normal humans, I can turn back into looking and smelling like a normal human myself.  I’ll enjoy that 30 minutes in the shower to myself. Well, until my 3yo barges in and laughs about seeing my butt.

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