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Husbands That Are Badass Enough to get Vasectomies

So you just have your baby and are in the midst of the chaos of learning how to take care of it.  You’re accepting the fact that there’s no recovery time for you and your body is taking the backseat to this new bundle of joy.  (I use the word “joy” loosely)

So while your changing diapers, assembling bottles and singing lullabies, behind the scenes your poor body is trying to put itself back together.  Moving all your major organs back into place and slowly adjusting your chemical levels in a rollercoaster-like fashion back to their original levels.  You have around 6 weeks to do this before your lovely period starts visiting again. Better hurry.

Plus, as I’m sure most of you have noticed around this 6 week mark, you’re being targeted.  You’re not sure from where just yet, but you feel like someone’s watching you. Then you look up and see your husband holding a glass of wine and playing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” playing from his IPhone.

Guess it’s time to figure out if you’re getting back on birth control.

But if this is the last baby you’re planning on having, there’s another option on the table.  It would mean some discomfort on your husband’s behalf though. A vasectomy.

No guy wants to willingly walk in and get his precious man-parts snipped.  But no woman wants to necessarily push a 7lb baby out of her precious lady parts either.  But we do it. Let’s compare…10 minute procedure or a 10 month pregnancy ending with multiple hours of excruciating pain and followed by 18 years of responsibility.  Vasectomy it is!


And if you’re as lucky as I was that your husband was badass enough to willingly get one so you wouldn’t have to go on birth control, thank your lucky stars.  Because most men aren’t. In fact, only 1 out of 6 men over the age of 35 have gotten one.

My husband did it for me so I wouldn’t have to get back on birth control.  While birth control definitely helped me not get pregnant before I was ready to, it also tamed my periods down, made my PMS wayyyy better and also kept my face acne-free.  No this isn’t a sponsored ad and I’m not receiving any kickbacks for promoting it. I just wasn’t too keen on taking unnecessary hormones to prevent pregnancy if I didn’t have to.  Enter Husband.

It was a quick 10 minute procedure.  He walked in, took a valium, waited 30 minutes and then they took him back.  He laid on a table, they did a tiny ¼” incision cut both tubes, cauterized and clipped them and was out the door.  

He got some pain meds for a couple days and got to sit around with frozen peas and watch movies.  He also wasn’t allowed to lift anything over 10lbs for a week. Which he also lucked out on not having to deal with our 3yo or our 3 month old at the time.  He was slightly uncomfortable for a little while. But overall, it was a pretty easy procedure.

I appreciated him stepping up and taking one for the team.  I know he wasn’t looking forward to it. But he was probably feeling how I did when I found out I was pregnant the first time.  All I could think about was how this baby was going to ruin my vagina. But now we look back and laugh about how our kids have ruined both of our “parts”.

Need a list to help convince your guy to get one?  Check this out…

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