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Using Candy as Incentive for Your Kid to Listen to You

I remember a few years ago, hearing a lady in a checkout line tell her kid “if you stop crying, I’ll get you a cookie.” Then thinking to myself, how I would never do that with my future children. Fast forward to today where I have two kids that are 3 and under and now carry an Easter basket around instead of a purse.

I know, I know…candy is bad for them, it rots their teeth, it gets them wired, etc.  But there’s times that I’m juggling two screaming kids and thinking how I’m real close to driving to a fire station and dropping them both off.  But then I offer a cookie or piece of candy to my 3yo and her crying turns to sheer delight. And guess what? That frees me up to focus a little more on the baby and get him calm which can help me get through my grocery run.

I once thought that if I lay out rules for my kids, they’ll follow my requests and do as I say.  Haha, how stupid was I? My younger self knew nothing. I know I could probably find another solution where treats aren’t a bribe.  But you know what? I genuinely don’t care right now. I’m on almost no sleep, I got 2 insane, tiny people yelling at me, I’m trying to get through the simplest of tasks and if one cookie is gonna cut me a break, I’m all about it.

I’m sure there’s moms out there who have never given their kids sweets.  Bravo. That ain’t me sister. I read a bunch of books about what you’re supposed to do as a mom.  But when it comes down to it, you need to find what works for you. I do a lot of good things for my kids and if I want to bend the rules on certain aspects because it makes the war I go thru everyday a little easier, I do it.  It’s not going to kill them.

I remember a mom rolling her eyes at me while I was in the waiting area of a dentist’s office.  She had heard me tell my daughter if she stopped screaming, I’d get her a cookie when we left.  Yeah that’s right lady.  I’m going to give my kid a cookie right after she gets her teeth cleaned.  I’m a bad mom.  She’s lucky I didn’t slip her kid a damn cookie when she wasn’t looking. But I wasn’t about to give up my precious bribery treats just to see her kid run wild and have her wonder what the hell happened.  Although, it would have been awesome.

Maybe I’ll read her an extra book tonight, go on a walk together or even ride our bikes.  I’ll try and make up for my bad parenting habits somehow. My goal isn’t to be a perfect mom. It’s to do the best I can with the fewest amount of negative effects on my kids as possible.  So you better invest in Famous Amos Cookies because my parenting is going to make their stocks skyrocket.  Cha-ching.

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