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Our Trip to the Bathroom at Target

On one of my many, MANY trips to Target, my daughter lets me know that she has to pee.  So I lead her to the bathroom.

We enter the 4 stall bathroom.  Two are occupied, one is out of order and the other one should be quarantined and blocked off by police tape.  I explain to my daughter we need to wait until one opens.

The handicap stall, which is my go to, was occupied and there were sounds coming out of it that my daughter of course had to comment on.  “MOMMY! I THINK THAT LADY IS POOPING!!!” I immediately shush her and tell her she needs to worry about herself.

Then she breaks away from me and runs into the quarantined bathroom.  As I follow her in to stop her, she yet again screams “EWW MOMMY! THERE’S POOP IN HERE!”  I once again remind her to not scream and come back out and wait for her turn.

Finally, the first stall opens and a lady walks out and over to the dripping sink to wash her hands.  As soon as we walk in to the now vacant stall, my daughter screams out “EWW MOMMY IT SMELLS LIKE TOOTS IN HERE!”  And yes, while the lady was still washing her hands.

By this time, I’m mortified.  As I’m sure you already know, public restrooms have a really nice echo.  Add the volume of a 3yo to that and there’s no way to hide. All i can do is try and keep her quiet and distracted.

She finished going to the bathroom and we go and wash our hands.   A lady walks in to use the bathroom and my daughter turns to her and says “There’s a lot of poop in the bathroom, be careful!”  The lady looks at her funny. I apologize to her and explain to not use the stall that looks like it belongs in a prison cell.

I grab my kid’s hand and we walk back out into fresh air. And into another cart-full of stuff we don’t really need.

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